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Why You Will Fail at Conversion Optimisation

Conversion optimisation opens up a new world of possibilities for E-commerce companies. Even if you've never heard the term before, it's highly likely that you've been grappling with some of the challenges it solves: full carts abandoned, mysterious waxing and waning of conversion rates, and the constant question of who buys and why.

So there's plenty of incentive for new players to get into the optimisation game. Unfortunately, an awful lot of them won't get much further than the very first steps. Here's why your own optimisation efforts could meet an early end.

You're Not Using the Right Tools

Marketing is increasingly a software-driven industry, and a large part of keeping up to date with current trends is learning to fully exploit the tools that exploit them. This is occasionally an issue of learning what's out there; suites such as Moz and CrazyEgg might be new to some site owners, but they're both fantastic optimisation suites.

Sometimes it's more a matter of learning to effectively use what you already have. Even Google Analytics, free and omnipresent, has some enormously powerful functionality for conversion optimisers. This isn't a field to tackle barehanded; find the right software, and learn how to use it.

You're Not Reading the Right Data

Plenty of optimisers have spoken on the evils of using conversion rates as an end-all measurement of a site's performance, but it bears repeating. Conversion rate remains a useful metric, but only in very specific, one-dimensional scenario. Apply that logic to a larger site, and you put yourself in danger of missing subtler trends, and ones that become obvious if you look in the right place.

Even if you're just segmenting your rates, you're already working with an entirely new level of nuance. Let's say, you notice declining conversion rates on one of your sites. On its own, that's largely useless information, as all it does is let you know something is up. But segment that traffic say, into mobile and desktop users, and – like Ebex– you may suddenly realise that there's something messing with your mobile users, and make a change.

Your Customers Can't Find What They Want

UX is crucial for any successful E-commerce site. Making sure that users can easily find what they're after will provide a massive boost to conversions, while a dense, ill-organised page will cut sales. To make sure that you're giving your visitors what they're interested in, make careful use of categories, include a well-tested search function, and serve top-sellers up on your homepage.